Tourism Recreation Research

Volume 17, No.2, 1992

Urban Tourism



G.J. Ashworth Is There an Urban Tourism?
K. Michael Haywood Identifying and Responding to Challenges Posed by Urban Tourism
Alan R. Townsend The Attractions of Urban Areas
Myriam Jansen Verbeke Urban Recreation and Tourism : Physical Planning Issues
Jan Van Der Borg Tourism and Urban Development : The Case of Venice, Italy
Stephen J. Page &
M. Thea Sinclair
The Channel Tunnel : An Opportunity for London's Tourism Industry
Shalini Singh Urban Development and Tourism : Case of Lucknow, India
B. Bhattacharya Tourism in the Himalaya in the Context of Darjeeling and Sikkim
Tej Vir Singh Quest for Sustainable Development of Tourism in the Least Developed Countries of the ESCAP Region
Shalini Singh Geography of Leisure and Recreation
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