Tourism NGOs
Tourism Recreation Research
Vol.24(2), 1999
Tourism NGOs
The Social Responsibilities of Environmental Groups in Contested Destinations
(Tazim B. Jamal)
The Role of Environmental NGOs in Sustainable Development: A Case  Study in Northern Honduras
(Trina Horochowski & R. Neil Moisey)
The NFP Sector and Heritage Management : Too Many Fingers in the Pie?
(Sue Berry )
Human Development : The Role of Tourism - Based NGOs in Nepal
(John Sparrowhawk & Andrew Holden)
Bosnian Ngos And Tourism: Grassroots, Spires and Minarets
(Jonathan Karkut)
Institutional Support for the Tourist Industry in Post-Socialist Europe: A Comparison of Bulgaria and Romania
(Lesley Roberts & Fiona Simpson)
National NGO, Local Resource : The Nature Conservancy and  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
(Elizabeth J. Pike)
NGO-Community Collaboration for Ecotourism : A Strategy for Sustainable Regional Development
(David Barkin & Carlos Pailles)
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