Tourism Recreation Research

Volume 21, No.1, 1996

Tourism in East and Southeast Asia

Allan A. Lew & Lawrence Yu Tourism in East & Southeast Asia
Yuko Shioji Heritage Tourism in Contemporary Japan
Lonny E. Carlile Economic Development and the Evolution of Japanese Overseas Tourism, 1964 1994 
Yongwei Zhang Tourism Resource Development in China : An Overview of the Growth, Prospects and Problems 
Zheng Gu Raising Tourism Funds on International Capital Markets: Benefits, Problems and Strategies of China 
Kye-Sung Chon & Martin Oppermann Tourism Development and Planning in Philippines
Carolyon L. Cartier Conserving the Built Environment and Generating Heritage Tourism in Peninsular Malaysia
Martin Oppermann, Kadir Din & Siti Z. Amri  Urban Hotel Location and Evolution in a Developing Country : The Case of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Myra P. Gunawan Domestic Tourism in Indonesia
Constancel Russell & M.J. Ankenman  Orangutans as Photographic Collectibles : Ecotourism and the Commodification of Nature
Shalini Singh Asia Pacific Tourism Association ( APTA)
C. Michael Hall IGU Study Group on Sustainable Tourism
  Book Reviews 
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