Tourism Recreation Research
Volume 15, No.1, 1990
Tourism in the Developing Countries


Valene L. Smith Perspective on Tourism in Developing Countries
Robin Heath The Relationship between Domestic and International Tourism in Zimbabwe : A Case Study Of the Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park and of Lake Kariba
Frederick M. Helleiner Domestic and International Tourism in Third World Nations
Gang-Hoan Jeong &
Jafar Jafari
Expectations of 1988 Seoul Olympics : A Korean Perspective.
William C. Gartner
& Valene L. Smith
Geographical Implications of  'Drifter' Tourism, Boracay , Phillippines
Devendra K. Jain Impact of Tourism on Khajuraho, India : A Preliminary Survey
Valene L. Smith Responsible Tourism: Some Anthropological Issues
Candida Ciaccio Les Strategies de Development Touristique an Senegal
  Reports and Commentaries
Dennison Nash Alternative Forms of Tourism
Richard Butler
& V. Smith
Responsible Tourism
OECD Information OECD Area Tourism in 1989
WTO Information Reports on Goa Tourism
Ulric Rice Barbados Tourism
  Communication and Happenings
  Book Reviews
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