Tourism Recreation Research
Volume 23, No.2, 1998
Tourism and Employment
Geoffrey Wall  Perspective on Employment
Larry Dwyer & Peter Forsyth  Estimating the Employment Impacts of Tourism on a Nation 
John Hull & Simon Milne Tourism, Gender and the Labour Process : The Case Of Quebec’s Lower North Shore 
Shaul Krakover Employment Adjustment Trends in Tourism Hotel In Israel
Glenn F. Ross Entrepreneurialism Perspective on Tourism Hospitality Business Contexts
Peter Burns  From Communist to Common-Weal : Reflections On Tourism Training in Romania 
Jenny Phillimore Gender, Employment and Training in Rural Tourist Attractions: the Case of Herefordshire, England 
  Research Probe 
Shalini Singh Probing the Product Life Cycle Further
  Research Notes and Reports
Geoffrey Wall Climate Change, Tourism and the IPCC
John Westlake &
Buhalis Dimitrios
The Application of Environmental Auditing to the Management of Sustainability within Tourism  
Dallen J. Timothy Incremental Tourism Planning in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 
Trevor H.B. Sofield  Information Technology & Telecommunications : Implications for Tourism Field Research
Ross K. Dowling Three Conferences in Western Australia : Wine, Geography of Tourism and Ecotourism 
Tej Vir Singh The Role of Tourism in National and Regional Development 
Shalini Singh War, Terrorism and Tourism
  Book Reviews 
  Publication Briefs
Jeanne Gay On the Trail of Old English Inns
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