Tourism Recreation Research
Volume 16, No.2, 1991
Focus on Sustainable Tourism


Tej Vir Singh The Development of Tourism in The Mountain Environment
Victor B. Teye Bridging the North-South Divide Through Tourism
Alan A. Lew Scenic Roads and Rural Development in the U.S.
Thomas L. Loebs Jr.
& J. Anthony
Modernization, Tourism, and Change in a Mexican Marketplace
Ross Dowling Tourism And the Natural Environment : Shark Bay, Western Australia
Bill Bramwell Sustainability and Rural Tourism Policy in Britain
Shalini Singh Lucknow:A City of Gardens And Greens in Distress
  Reports and Commentaries
Tuija Sievanen Scandinavian Research on Multiple Forest Uses
Arianthe C. Stettner Peak Experience in the Rocky Mountains
Shalini Singh Huangshan Scenic Area in China
  Book Reviews
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