Research Probe section of Tourism Recreation Research includes findings of special significance and problem areas of subtle nuances in tourism research. It also encourages scholars and authors to think against the grain probing the consistency of theoretical notions and research trends whose heuristic value is all too often taken for granted. In this section first we request a scholar to write a lead article on a given topic in 4000 words and then invite 23 critics to comments on the lead piece in 3000 words each to prepare a comprehensive critique. A number of probes have so far been published.

Select Themes

1. Tourism and Climate Change

Tourism and Climate Change: Knowledge Gaps and Issues by C. M. Hall

Climate Change: Beyond the Hype by Susanne Becken

Climate Change: Tourism Destination Dynamics by Ralf Buckley

Climate Change and Tourism: Time for Critical Reflection by Daniel Scott


2. Voluntourism

Volunteer Tourism: As Good as it Seems? by Daniel Guttentag

Volunteer Tourism: May not be as Good as it Seems by Jim Butcher

Volunteer Tourism: Looking Forward by Eliza Raymond


3. Consumerism and Tourism

Does Consumerism Necessarily Promote Bad Tourism? by Richard Sharpley

Consumerism, Tourism and Voluntary Simplicity: We All have to Consume, But Do We Really have to Travel

   So Much to be Happy? by C. M. Hall

Not All Consumerism has a Shady Side! by Joan C. Henderson


4. Island Tourism

Island Tourism or Tourism on Islands? by Richard Sharpley

Islandness: It's All in the Mind by Richard Butler

Island, Islandness, Vulnerability and Resilience by C. M. Hall


5. Vulnerable Tourism

Is Tourism Vulnerable? by Julio Aramberri

Tourism and Vulnerability: A Case of Pessimism? by Richard Sharpley

Is Tourism Vulnerable to Shocks? by Chris Ryan

Is Tourism Vulnerable? An Ambiguous Question by Carson L. Jenkins


6. Vanishing Peripheries                                                                .............Click Here to Read

Vanishing Peripheries: Does Tourism Consume Places? by C. M. Hall

Vanishing Peripheries and Shifting Centres: Structural Certainties or Negotiated Ambiguities?

   by David Harrison

Moving in from the Margins: Experiential Consumption and he Pleasure Core by David Weaver

Tourism in Peripheries by Geoffrey Wall

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