Tourism Recreation Research
Volume 10, No.2, 1985
Nature Mountains and Parks


Graham Child  Tourism, Parks and the Wild life Estate of Zimbabwe 
William E. Hammitt How National are the Participation and Use Patterns Of National Park Visitors? 
W.E.J. Paradice  Recreation Information Dissemination and the Visitor Choice Process in Australian Natural Environments 
Ruth Enis & Mordechai
Planning and Management Policy for National Park: Case Study - The Carmel 
Robert Aukerman The Effectiveness of Signing, Pamphlets And Restoration in Reducing Off-trampling 
Tommy L. Brown &
Nancy A. Connel
Using Origin Destination Analysis in Marketing Tourism For Large Natural Regions
H. Leo Theuns  Addendum To Tourism Research Priorities 
  Research Notes, Reports & Communications
  Book Reviews
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