Tourism Recreation Research

Volume 18, No.2, 1993

Nature-based Tourism (IGU Telluride Papers)



Tej Vir Singh Geography of Leisure and Recreation
B. Barbier Problem of the French Winter Sports Resorts
Colin Michael Hall Ecotourism in the Australian and New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands
Tom D. Hinch &
Guy S. Swinnerton
Tourism and Canada's North-West Territories : Issues and Prospects
J. Maier & W. Weber Sports Tourism in Local and Regional Planning :Case of the Middle Mountain Region of Upper Franconia
Daniel Henning Nature-based Tourism Can Help Conserve Tropical Forests
Valene L. Smith Safeguarding the Antarctic Environment from Tourism
Wesley S. Roehl Tourism and Quality of Life in Developing Countries
Jonathan S. Adams Wildlife Parks Community and Conservation
Brian King Building a Research-base in Tourism
Shalini Singh South Asia : Towards Sustainable Tourism Development
Shalini Singh Forum for Third-Age Tourism
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