Tourism Recreation Research

Volume 21, No.2, 1996

Hospitality Management And Research

K.S.( Kaye) Chon Issues in Hospitality Management and Research
Michael D. Olsen Events Shaping the Future and Their Impact on the Multinational Hotel Industry 
Hailin Qu & Stanley C.S. Tse An Analysis of  Employees’ Expectations, Satisfaction Levels, and Turnover in the Hong Kong Hotel Industry
Agnes L. Defranco Financial Ratios as Predictors of  Income in the Hotel Industry 
Robert Bosselman Issues of  Accreditation in Hospitality and Tourism Education  The Value Controversy
Frank M. Go A Conceptual Framework for Managing Global Tourism and Hospitality Marketing 
Susan B. Sheridan & Raymond C. Ellis Jr.   Current and Future Trends of Security and Fire Protection Technologies in the Hospitality Industry 
Martin Oppermann The Changing Market Place in Asian Outbound Tourism : Implications for Hospitality Marketing and Management 
Leslie E. Cummings & Kathleen P. Brewer Issues Facing Education in an Emerging Aspect of Tourism : The Gaming Industry
Howard Harrel  Differences in Perception of Employee Empowerment Between Managers and Non-managers in the Hotel Industry 
Usha Srivastava Managing Cultural Resources in France : Special Reference to Heritage Sites of Paris 
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