Tourism Recreation Research

Volume 17, No.1, 1992

Geography of Tourism



Richard W. Butler Geography of Tourism
Richard W. Butler Tourism Landscapes - For the Tourists or of the Tourists?
Kadir H. Din The 'Involvement Stage' in the Evolution of a Tourist Destination
David A. Fennell &
Bryan J.A.Smale
Eco-Tourism and Natural Resource Protection : Implications of an Alternative Form of Tourism for Host Nations
Daniel J. Walsh The Evolution of the Disney Land Environments
John Towner &
Lesley France
Rapid Rural Appraisal Techniques; Their Applications to Geographical Studies of Tourism
Martin Oppermann Spatial Structure of Tourism in Peninsular Malaysia : A Preliminary Study
Shalini Singh Geographers on Tourism Geography
Jafar Jafari On Promoting Youth Tourism
Sagar Singh The Need to Preserve Cultural Diversity
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