Tourism Recreation Research (established in 1976) is a multidisciplinary international journal that publishes thrice in a year and includes Feature Articles, Research Probe and Research Notes. While all research submissions are peer reviewed for publication approval, a few papers stand out for their substance value and Epistomology. With this consideration, Tourism Recreation Research has instituted the Article of the Year Award from the year 2006. This award is intended to recognize and encourage contributions that aim to advance the field of tourism studies. About 8 articles have so far been awarded since 2006. To encourage and benefit the emerging scholars, academics and stakeholders, Editorial board of TRR provide free access to these articles for a limited period.

1. Pai – A Backpacker Enclave in Transition – Erik Cohen

2. Opening Up New Spaces in the Sustainable Tourism Debate – Bill Bramwell

3. Studying Tourism Entertainment Through Micro-Cases – Philip Pearce

4. Comparative Study of the Sustainability of Donor-supported Tourism Clusters in Developing Economies – Donald E.  Hawkins and Leila M. Calnan

5. The Future of Tourism: Can Tourism Growth and Climate Policy be Reconciled? A Mitigation Perspective – Stefan Gφssling, C. M. Hall, Paul Peeters and Daniel Scott

6. Wildlife Conservation, Safari Tourism and the Role of Tourism Certification in Kenya: A Postcolonial Critique – John S. Akama, Shem Maingi and Blanca A. Camargo

7. Globalization, Global Crises and Tourism – Erik Cohen

8. A Cultural Perspective on Wildlife Tourism in China – Cui Qingming, Xu Honggang and Geoffrey Wall

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