Golden Page Award Winner for 2003

Tourism Recreation Research won the Sixth Annual Golden Page Award 2003 for Readability of Research in the category of Hospitality and Tourism. The awards are presented every year to the most consistently performing management periodicals in the categories of: Research Implications,
Practical Usability of Research, Managerial Application, Most Original Content, General Readability and Readability of Research.

Titles eligible to compete for a Golden Page Award are those included in the Emerald Management Reviews Accredited Journal Coverage List. This list is reviewed annually and consists of only the top 400 Management Titles worldwide as determined by an Accreditation Board made up of renowned
management experts such as Professors Philip Kotler and Cary Cooper.

Every article from each journal is then reviewed and appraised by specialist, independent reviewers, giving a unique insight into how consistently performing a journal has been. There is no  other independent process that comprehensively and rigorously evaluates so many journals,
making the awards the only one of their kind. A Golden Page Award is only presented to the journal that emerges from its discipline as the top journal for the whole year, having received the highest aggregate score for all its articles.

More information about the Golden Page Award, including past winners, can be found at:

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