Tourism Recreation Research
Volume 12, No.2, 1987
The Search of Appropriate Tourism
Focus on the Third World

 Linda K. Richter  The Search for Appropriate Tourism
 Paul S. Gonsalves  Alternative Tourism - The Evolution of A Concept And Establishment of a Network
Erik Cohen Alternative Tourism - A Critique
Frank Bilsen Integrated Tourism in Senegal : An Alternative
Charles De Burlo Neglected Social Factors in Tourism Project Design : The Case of Vanuatu
Donald Watts Tourism as a Catalyst For the Appropriate Development of Jerash, Jordon
Armin Vielhaber The Acceptance of 'Blick-Wechsel' Films by Their Target Audience
Nicholas R. Marsh
& Brian D. Henshall
Planning Better Tourism : The Strategic Importance of Tourist Resident Expectations and Interactions.
H. Leo Theuns Appropriate Tourism For the Third World - A Bibliography on the Socio-Cultural Dimension : 1963 - 1964
Jafar Jafari Tourism for Whom ?
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