TRR 40(1), 2015

 1. The Evolution of Tourism and Tourism Research – From Factual to Fallacious  - Richard Butler

 2. 40 Years of Tourism Studies – A Remarkable Story – David Airey

 3. Paradigms in Tourism Research: A Trialogue – John Tribe, Tazim Jamal and Graham Dann

 4. Tourism Research Building from other Disciplines – Eric Laws and Noel Scott

 5. Tourism Megatrends – Ralf Buckley, Ulrike Gretzel, David Weaver, Susan Becken and Daniel Scott

 6. Tourism and Biological Exchange: A Missing Dimension in sustainable tourism? – C. M Hall

 7. Ethical Tourism and Development: The Personal and the Political – Jim Butcher

 8. Akrasia and Tourism: Why we sometimes act against our better judgments – David Fennell

 9. Soft Infrastructure at Tourism Sites Identifying Key Issues for Asian Tourism from Case Studies –

    Philip L. Pearce and Mao-Ying Wu

 10. The Role of New Knowledge in Tourism Developments – Chris Cooper


 TRR 40(2), 2015

1. Shifting Perspectives on Tourism's Interaction with nature during the last 40 years - Andrew Holden

2. Tourism Policies and Planning for Developing Countries: Some Critical Issues – Kit Jenkins

3. Beyond Eurocentrism in Tourism: A Paradigm Shift to Mobilities – Erik Cohen and Scott Cohen

 4. Empowering Managers: Building the Capacity to Administer Tourism in Protected Areas in the 21st Century 

      – Stephen McCool

 5. Tourism and (sustainable) development: The dilemma continues ­ – Richard Sharpley

 6. The Rights to Tourism: Reflections on Social Tourism and Human Rights – Scott McCabe and Anya

    Diekmann  (revised paper is yet to arrive)

 7. Back to the Future: Traditions and Trends in Health Tourism – Melanie Smith and Lαszlσ Puczkσ

 8. A Sense of Place:  Place, Culture, and Tourism – Stephen Smith

 9. Roaring Lion, Purring Tomcat. A Re-Appraisal of MacCannell's Views on Tourism – Julio Aramberri

 10. Irish pubs and dream cafes: tourism, tradition, and modernity in Nepal’s Mt. Everest region –   

      Sanjay K. Nepal


TRR 40(3), 2015

Tentative Titles

1. What Could the Next 40 Years Hold for Global Tourism?

2. Have we illuminated the Dark? Shifting perspectives on ‘Dark’ Tourism

3. Journeys Of Creation: Experiencing The Unknown, The Other And Authneticity As An Epiphany of the Self

4. Youth Nomadism 

5. Globalisation and Tourism: Drivers and Outcomes

6. Shifting Tourism Dynamics in South East Asia: Prospects for Laos and Myanmar

7.  Governance of Tourism in OECD Countries

8. Significant Word Items in Hotel Guest Reviews: A Feature Extraction Approach

9. Applying the Technology-Organization-Environment framework to understand ICT adoption and usage continuance: The case study of an independent hotel

10.  The Changing Face of the Tour Guide: One-way Communicator to Choreographer to Co-Creator of the Tourist Experience